Class Rooms

The classrooms are a confluence of the tradition and the contemporary. In order to keep pace with modern times, the school has installed digital boards in the classrooms. The digital boards make the learning process a joyride and easier for a child to remember the facts and figure. Digital boards eradicate the monotony of the classroom ambiance and make the learning process more attractive.

The classrooms for toddlers are a splurge of colors that beacon them to a world full of fantasy. Moreover, fun-rides specially designed for them are installed in the classroom so that they take delight in the learning process.

We consider your words to be a part of the HOLY ROCK School family. Specially trained attendants are appointed to take care of the toddlers. In higher classes, we have display boards where students can showcase their talents. To reap the beneficial outcomes of the teaching-learning process, the school ensures a healthy teacher-student ratio in the classrooms.


Books are one of the vast resources for enriching your mind and soul. In our library, we have books dedicated to the evolving mindset of every student. We assist our students and teachers with a rich collection of books from various cultures and languages. Reading books from different genera and authors helps us to develop an extensive perspective towards life and nature besides blessing us with a deeper understanding of the human race.

Often when a bookaholic revisits formerly read books; they emerge with a completely new understating and realization of the context depending on the experiences they have encountered in between.


The school has a huge hall where board examination, workshops, seminars, and other training programs are conducted. The school has plans for constructing its own auditorium in the near future.

Computer Center & Other Labs

It can easily become the wings that will allow them to fly farther and faster than ever before. The state-of-the-art computer lab will surely ignite the hidden spark of a child. The school also boasts of well equipped Physics, Chemistry, and Biology Labs where students learn to handle various apparatus and carry and experiments under the strict supervision of council trained teachers. The lab classes give the students an opportunity to think independently. The labs of our school are an integral part of our education and help students to learn easily.


The playground at Holy Rock School is a bustling hub of laughter, exploration, and physical activity. Spread across a spacious area, it offers a variety of play structures and equipment that cater to the diverse interests and abilities of our students. From swings and slides to climbing frames and sports courts, the playground provides endless opportunities for students to engage in active play and develop their motor skills.

Safety is paramount, and our meticulously maintained playground is designed with age-appropriate features and safety measures to ensure the well-being of our students. Under the watchful supervision of our dedicated staff, students engage in cooperative games, team sports, and imaginative play, fostering not only physical health but also social interaction and teamwork. The vibrant and inclusive atmosphere of our playground encourages students to embrace their natural curiosity, explore their limits, and form lasting memories of joy and camaraderie.