Art & Craft

In order to develop the fine motor skills and bilateral co-ordination of the kinds, the school emphasizes on Art and Craft classes. Trained Art and Craft teachers paint the canvas of the tender minds with bright colours. Art and craft exhibitions are organised to give young minds to showcase their creativity. Special classes are often arranged and professionals are hired to guide students in different forms of painting like oil painting, glass painting, m-k wash painting, acrylic painting, collage painting and so on. Inta school painting competitions are often held and best painting are put on the display boards. Students are also send to various interschool competitions in and out of the town to allow them creative expressions to their thoughts.

Music & Dance

Music and dance are indispensably interlinked. Music and dance stimulate a totally different part of a student’s intellect and imagination. It helps on the aesthetic development of a student. Children purses these hobbies with passion and energy themselves in functions, contests and celebrations held throughout the year in as well as out of school areas.

To blossom the essence of fineness in the budding minds of students, the school encourage students to take part in music and dance. Various cultural programmers and competitions are organised throughout the year to provide students with a platform to showcase their talent. Students have also brought accolades from various inter school competitions.

Cultural Activities

Cultural activities are deeply rooted in the curriculum. The school gives all sorts of exposures to the students keeping in mind their holistic development. The school frequently organized poetry- recitation competition, Declamation, Debates, Story-telling competitions, rangoli making and so on.


There is a emphasis on regular exercise and physical fitness. All games are supervised y master trainers. Team sprit and desire to give the best performance possible are out watch words. The school organized Annual Sports Day every year where students perform with great energy and enthusiasm.

The school even invites foreign trainers to guide the students in Basket Ball and other sports.

Workshops & Training Programs

The school frequently contacts workshops, training programs, leadership programs, seminars for both students and teachers to keep them awake of various developments. Teachers are frequently send to the workshops conducted by the council to upgrade them so that they can give prpper guide once to students.