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Why choose
Holy Rock School ?

Holy Rock School was established in 1982 in Bardhhaman, West Bengal. This institution has achieved fame within a few years for great administration, the qualified governing body, and experienced faculty.

The Rector Mrs. Aparajita Saxena manages all curriculum and cultural activity with great efficiency. The school authority arranges annual function and secures the involvement of parents and the students to maximize a healthy relationship among them.

The teacher-student relation is very much rich here. This institution has kept its remarkable position in ICSE and ISC. The joint effort made by the faculty and the students snatched this kind of prestige to us. Your admission to this institution helps you to achieve success and explore some activities to develop your awareness of the society.

World Class Facilities

Holistic Development of a child

Play-way method of teaching

Specially designed classroom

Healthy teacher student ratio

Well-equipped STEM Labs

Well stocked library

CCTV Campus

Huge Basketball & Volleyball Court

Health Check-up camps

Round the clock security

Transport facility

ABACUS training

Why we are different?


  • To motivate the students to utilize their knowledge for the betterment of society.
  • To secure them several types of physical, cultural and mental activities.
  • To arrange the curriculum in a scientific manner.
  • To engage the students with social activities.
  • To grow a successful career for the students.
  • To control whole system with patience and efficiency.


The school believes that 'Education is that liberates the mind.' The school aims at preparing valuable citizens of tomorrow with no prejudice. The school helps in the interactional and spiritual growth of the students. It helps students to think critically in a non-conformist, unconfined way. The school blends both Physical and spiritual knowledge and helps human excellence to blossom.


  • Emphasise on easy but scientific teaching methodology.
  • Focus on character building.
  • Gift the students a glorified future.


We promise to chart out for our students the route map to a glorious future. We ensure conducive environment and structured education to promote a child's holistic development. We encourage them to go beyond the traditional way of rote learning and inculcate in them life skills, the most important guideline of modern education system, thus freeing them from all mental shackles. In an age of corruption, violence and eroding emotions, we promise to instil in them the true essence of humanism so that they become the worthy torch- bearers of our nation thus bringing justice to our mission and vision…!


A society cannot be civilized until they maintain a life through discipline, etiquette and morality. Students are the future representative of our Nation so they need quality education to achieve a noble character. Not only bookish knowledge but some extra-curriculum activities like drawing, singing , sports , physical exercise, robotics, artificial intelligence are required for the pupil to develop their mind.

A million words would not bring you back, We know because we have tried, neither would a million tears We know because we have cried. A good heart has stopped beating, but a heart that has touched so many lives can't help but live on in those it loved. Words may not suffice to express the heartfelt sorrow that we feel for the passing of our loved one.

Rest In Peace

Late Mr. Aniruddha Saxena

Administrative Officer, Holy Rock School

21st June 1960 - 21st June 2020

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