COMPUTER is an electronic device which is made up of HARDWARES and SOFTWARES. Hardware part describes the physical functionality of computer and Software parts helps to control the Hardware, and run the OPERATING SYSTEM, etc. In another way, we can say that this takes the data as input from the user then process that data with the help of some instructions and generates the output in the monitor which is visible to the user.


There are three types of Computer – 1) ANALOG COMPUTER 2) DIGITAL COMPUTER 3) HYBRID COMPUTER. Again Digital Computer can be divided into four types of – 2.1)MICRO COMPUTER 2.2) MINI COMPUTER 2.3) MAINFRAME COMPUTER 4) SUPERCOMPUTER, and Again Micro Computer also can be divided into four types of – 2.1.1) SUPER MICRO COMPUTER 2.1.2) DESKTOP COMPUTER 2.1.3) LAPTOP COMPUTER 2.1.4) NOTEBOOK COMPUTER. So let’s discuss these individual types of Computers.


An Analog computer is a kind of computer through which we can measure physical values. This type of computer works with continuous variables. Continuous variables mean temperature, volume, length, etc. For this continuous variables type data, a kind of electric wave is generated which is accepted as an input by the computer. Chemical industry, Petroleum industry Food processing industry uses this kind of computer. The compass is used to measure the velocity of the vehicles that is also a kind of Analog computer.


This type of computer takes inputs as numbers, letters(set of characters ), signal,s, etc, and then according to that value generates an output. This computer can do very specific Mathematical and Logical problems. Positive heights of any digital wave are considered as 1 and Negative heights of any digital wave are considered as 0. Numbers consists 0 and 1 are called binary numbers. The digital computer works on the basis of the binary number system. Most widely used computers are this type of.


A hybrid computer is a blender unit of analog and digital computers. This type of computer takes input in ANALOG COMPUTER’S way and generates output like DIGITAL COMPUTERS. This type of computer is mainly used in Scientific research work, Weather reports, Hospitals sector.


It is smaller than normal computers but usable. This type of computer is less powerful and comparatively cheap than other computers and only one user can use one computer. This computer works with the help of microprocessors that’s why it is called a microcomputer. These computers are mainly called pc as we know. This type of computer is used for business, government sector, communication systems, entertainment, and personal use, etc. Examples: IBM PC, APPLE MACINTOSH.


This type of computer is a little bit costly but more efficient and powerful. This computer is called a multi-terminal and many users can access it simultaneously. Mainly for data processing purposes, this type of computer is preferable to the organizations, also used in the banking sector, big-scale industry, etc. Example NOVA 3, PDP 11.


Data processing and data security are more faster and efficient than mini or microcomputers. This is also a multi-using computer system, here we can set 80 to 100 terminal and 80 to 100 people can access it properly. It is also used as distributed data processing system. The banking system, insurance companies, investment companies, scientific research institutes prefer this computer mainly. Example UNIVAC 1100/01, IBM 4341.


This is the faster computer ever among all of these and also much costlier. Here up to 200 terminals can be attached and 200 users can work in a single row. It completes up to 10 million operations in a minute. This kind of system can be used in aerospace organizations, space research centers, multiscale mathematical problem solving, etc. CRAY – 1, CYBER – 205 ETC.


This is the most powerful generation under microcomputers. This is also known as a workstation. The working capacity of this is almost similar to the mini-computer. This kind of computer can process many data at a time.


This is mostly used and available to all. This is also called a personal computer. This type of computer consists of one monitor, mouse, key-board, CPU(central processing unit) box. Inside the CPU box, there are RAM, HARD-DISK, FLOPPY-DISK, CD DRIVE, Microprocessor, etc. The power of the computer depends upon the power of the Microprocessor.


It is small in size than desktop and portable but specifications as the desktop are available here. This can operate through battery or AC.


It is like a notebook and anyone can work on this like as mobile.