Everyone has their own way to study. Some of us love to study in the morning, some of us love to study at night. But there is one thing in common that, they both do study for understanding something, learning something or memorise something.

 In that period of time, we face some problem like less energy, less curiosity, lack of desire. That’s why studying gets bored.

But the thing is that we are the killers behind the mask. We make our study to the boring part of our lifestyle by doing these things knowing, without knowing.

So, here comes the five things which you should not do while studying.

Don’t go for a long break

Short time break is okay, rather it will help you to regenerate your patience power but don’t take a long break while studying. It ruins your energy for studying. Besides that, if you take a long break, like 20-25mnts. You start forgotting what you study before.

Don’t left anything to write

Sometimes it seems that we don’t write everything about what we study, thinking we will remember later. But later we forgot those point or sentence to write which can helps us to do revision. So, don’t left anything to write.

Don’t change your mind

Don’t turn a subject into another subject while studying. U just need to study with only one subject at a time. If u sit with a subject to study, then don’t change your mind to study another subject. It can ruin your day by replacing one subject to another subject.

Don’t look at the clock

Don’t look at the clock while studying. If you tie your study with time, then it is very difficult to study well because we don’t know how much time can be needed if we want to complete a chapter. It may take twenty minutes, as well as twenty hours also. So don’t look at the clock while studying.

Don’t turn on distraction

In the study period, we need to stay focused on what we are studying, what we are understanding and what we are learning. So you have to look after in this period of time your focus can not be distracted to other temporary pleasures like television, mobile etc.

So you just need to care about these five things while studying. Because if you are not gaining something from something, it also a waste of time.