Sometimes it seems that the exam and the result are like north pole and south pole. Sometimes your result disappoints you. Ever wonder why it happens?

It happens only for getting careless about something which should be cared for us in the examination hall.

So, here are some tips below to make sure about your marks…

Clear handwriting

It is different between beautiful handwriting and clear handwriting. If your handwriting is not beautiful, it’s okay, but u need to make your copy neat and clean. It is very important to understand the examiners that what you have written.

Check before submitting

Before submitting the copy, check once that if you forgot to answer any question or not. If there is some misspell, something wrong in operation, you can locate it.

‘To the point’ answer

Answer only what question is asked, no need to make the answer too much longer because it can cut your marks. So answer only ‘to the point’.

High expectation

Stop expecting too much. Because after submitting the copy its got handover to the examiner. And if the paper based on theory, it is totally up to the examiners that how much marks they will give you.

Hope you find your solution. Keep smiling.