I hope you already gather some knowledge about Vedic mathematics from the previous blog. If you haven’t read that blog kindly check out addition-tricks-using-vedic-mathematics  to know what is Vedic mathematics, its history and why its useful to us.

So, here we gonna discuss about ADDITION TRICKS using Vedic mathematics. Let’s start…

Conventional method


In this method,

  • First, you have to make a chart of ones, tens, hundred…As per your problem, you need to put the numbers in the chart. Suppose if a number is 456, u have to write 4 under hundred’s column, write 5 under ten’s column and write 6 under one’s column.
  • Suppose you want to add 456, 789, 236, and 654.

First, you fill the chart like this

  • Then you need to add all the numbers under hundred’s column, 4+7+2+6= 19 And then you multiply the result with 100(because it’s hundred’s column) 19*100= 1900. Keep the result in hand
  • Do the same thing for ones and tens column.

[ For ten’s column- (5+8+3+5)*10= 210

For one’s column- (6+9+6+4)*1=  25]

  • Add all the result, 1900+210+25= 2135

That’s if there is a four-digit number, you need to add thousand’s column in the chart to execute.

Just remember one thing that, u may add till how many columns you need.

Addition by paring method

With this method, you can make such pairs of the numbers that their total one’s place under you get zero.

Suppose if you  want to add 89, 11, 23, 77

U can pair 89 with 11 that’s mean 100 and 23 with 77 that’s mean 100 too. So add them and that will be the answer, so 100+100= 200 is the answer


so, here are some tricks to addition using Vedic mathematics, understand these methods and create your own example. Stay happy.