Ever wonder why u don’t need any guide to gather interest while playing video games? if u can play games for hours and hours without any boredom, then why boredom hits when you sit to study, ever asked yourself?

Many of us preferred playing with something or chatting with someone or watching TV rather than studying. Let’s discuss why we don’t love to study

  • It seems boring because we don’t see any interesting factor in studying
  • We just follow what schools and teachers taught us. We don’t put any extra effort, that’s why our individuality according to study get lost.
  • We always run for marks, try to stand first. This greed takes us in a rat race and we don’t get time to fall in love with studies.

But, studying is not really a Voldemort for us. Here are some tips below to fall in love with studies…

Time is not a factor

In this issue, time is not a factor. Sometimes we decide how many hours we gonna study, it is very bad for us. Suppose if you decide to study for two hours, u will be getting bored after two hours because of already bound time. So, don’t look at the watch, just focus.

Get into the subject

It is very important for us to get into the subject while studying. Whatever you are studying, try to get into that chapter and think. The more you think, the more questions will come to your mind, the more answers you will get and the more you can learn.

Forgot about marks

To fall in love with studies, first forgot about marks. Try to make a focus on what to read and why to read. Don’t break a chapter just because its not important for this year.

Its all about stories

Think its just a story. Know the story well and be a storyteller. That’s all the ‘why’, ‘when’ and ‘how’ of a chapter will always remind your mind, and the interest will alive to you.

Believe you are a study-freak

Last but not least, all you have to believe that you are a study-freak. Remove from your mind that study is boring. Because if you take study as a boring part of your lifestyle, the other tips will not gonna help you.

So, hope you like the tips. Remember study has more patience than playing. Stay happy