As this pandemic situation occurred the whole world had proceeded to an online mode of teaching. Google meet, google classroom, zoom are some most preferable platforms to take the classes. But nowadays students are facing some problems during online classes. So is the process bad? Is everything good in offline mode? So let’s discuss some points over this.

Online classes can be said a pathway of the digital system of education. The good sides of online classes are students can attend classes from anywhere from their laptop, mobile, or desktop. Suppose some of the students were not able to do the class on a particular day but due to google classroom they can get the notes. It is also beneficial for teachers previously to take any class test they need to take within school period but with this mode, teachers can send their google form link, through the link the student can give the exams, through excel sheet the student can give their attendance, so by gathering all this we can say that it has made the student life very easy, the student can give their exams through online portal, the student can get extra time to learn the extra skill through online course. But there are some bad effects also, the student can use the google to give the answer of the questions which is malpractice, they can do all their works after joining in the google meet cause no one is checking the students, and for this online classes many students are facing eye problems these days, so these are some problems occurs in online class mode, another problem is students have no pressure to complete the assignments, etc.

Offline classes are the best cause the students are habituated with this from their starting stage of school life. There over the students, a pressure works of the pass and fail, so they have that pressure to study. But if someone absents somedays the attendance would not count. They have to write the words said by the teachers to keep the notes. That makes life more disciplined. Students are about to complete their academic work on a daily basis, they used to play on the ground, do physical activities which helps their mind to be creative. No distraction occurs between teacher and students at study time, so the interaction happens from both ways and the problem gets solved easily. Partial digital detox occurs students are obeyed to keep their distance from gadgets, so they can give more focus on studies. In offline education, teachers pay the same attention to every student, and a student can share his or her ideas with another student.

So both of the ways are good. In spite of that, the offline mode is preferable. As we can observe online mode is helpful for teachers may be in terms of taking classes and giving notes but taking exams should be conducted in offline mode. online mode can make students more digitally expertise but that should not be an addiction.