‘Oh god! Why exams occur?’- this line may have comes to everyone’s mind. We all got feared about the exam, and when it comes for our dislikeable chapter, it makes our heart beat fast to faster. 


Ever wonder why? Why does it happen in spite of being prepared for the exam? 

If you come to know why does it happen, then u will short out that fear in just a few steps. 


What is that fear? 


  •  That fear is nothing but the summation of your expectations and negative thoughts surrounded the exam.


If I can’t complete my copy, If the questions come too hard, If my copy gets spoiled, If my pens will not run- Then how do I do? How can I top to the exam? How can I pass the exam? What will people say? My parents will throw me out! Etc. etc. etc. 


[image: a jockers sarcastic smile]


What u have to do?


  • Expectation hurts

Expect what you can get, get what u can expect- just stay in touch with the line. Don’t expect anything which is out of your control. So expecting upon your confidence is okay, but expecting upon nothing is foolery. 


  • Accept the rejection

    Always ready to be rejected. Be ready that u cant get 100% common in your question paper. There will at least some question occurs that you don’t know its answer. After if u get cent per cent common, that’s can also be an instant motivator to you.


  • Think exam is fun 

          Don’t take it as a headache. Think its fun. prepare yourself for the exam properly, and as a result of this, the answers will be in your mind. However, you just need to sit back, relax and write down the answers. Believe me, an examination is not a war. 


  • Remove all the negative ‘if’ and ‘perhaps’ from your mind before exam 

          If you want to be positive before your exam, remove all the negative ‘if’ and ‘perhaps’ from your mind. “If it goes wrong…”, “Perhaps there is anything wrong in…” just throw out these types of thinking. Just throw!


[image: writing exam with a happy face]


  • Time is the main factor

                  Don’t waste your time thinking about the exam. Prepare yourself more and more so you get more confident. 


If u are still getting feared about the exam, just remember Fear is just a state of mind. Once you stop get fear, it has no presence.