I know an exam of your child is your exam too. It is a very hard time to handle that pressure when your child appears in an exam because u don’t know what will your child do in the examination hall.

 But every parent did some mistake during their child’s exam, as a result of that, your child falls into more pressure. Do you know about the mistakes?

Okay, let’s make some point about it…

  • Extra caring
  • Always reminds that it’s your exam time
  • Behave like an examiner
  • Extra discipline

So what you have to do during the exam period of your child?

Here are some tips below…

Make your friendship Strong

Try to remember when your exam happened, how much pressure did you feel? Your child feels the same type of pressure when his/her exam period starts. So at this time, all you need to make the friendship strong between you and your child, as he\she feels comfortable and get prepare well.

Dont try to do extra care

Caring is okay, but don’t try to do extra care like packing their bag, deliver their meal to direct their bed etc. don’t try to create a abnormal ambience to them, stay normal, else your child will be more depressed.

Let them face

Let your child face the exam. This is very important to you and your child too. Let him\her study alone, don’t interfere with their studies. Let him\her walk alone. If there is any problem, You are always ready to help you, right? But walk alone first.

Create the ambience

Turn the TV off, use headphone while using mobile, try to speak in a very low voice, try to manage guests and make food healthy rather than rich or high in fat.

keep your child motivated

Don’t let your child falls in a disappointment. Always give a positive vibe and keep motivated. So, Good luck with your child’s exam. Be happy always.