Thinking too much is not an issue for us. Scientists, researchers, authors and many more people have to think too much to put the effort into their work. Thinking in the right way is good for us.

But thinking in a negative way can ruin everything.

Now, the question comes WHAT IS NEGATIVE THOUGHT?

A negative thought is nothing but a thought which flows only in a negative way and can turn into anxiety, stress and depression.

If you think something is going wrong, something bad will happen in the future with you in spite of having a stable situation, it’s a negative thought.

Why negative thoughts come?

We all know sometimes things go wrong to us. When reality meets the expectation we spot the difference between what we think and what we got. Because of this difference, we got feared. And if the fear comes once in our mind, it is very difficult to recover from it.

To deal with negative thoughts

Remember one thing that negative thoughts can not be erased from your mind. It will come as their way, but we all can deal with negative thoughts, following these tips…

Forget the memories which bother you

Memories are the only factor to think something. U can’t think anything without your memory. Thinking is a process to find memories. And imagine if you have not any memory regarding failure in your mind. Then how can you think negative? Just forgot the memories which irritate you all time.

Be practical

Accept reality and be practical. Accept everything can be happened and have the patience to gain the courage to face everything. If u become fearless to your future, u can not say ‘I can’t’.

Believe on your eyes

Don’t believe in thoughts, because thoughts are like a cloud in the sky, it will come and go. And every thought can not be a belief. Believe what you see, not what you think. If u don’t believe the negative thoughts, it will not affect you.

Let them go

Every situation is temporary. Your sunny day, cloudy evening, darkest night every phase of your life is a temporary backdrop and its not a thought, its fact. Whenever any negative thought comes in your mind, just think about this fact and let them go. Remember how much dark the night can be, the sunny day is on the way.

Why so serious?

Don’t be so serious about your thoughts. Believe in your actions. Be clear to yourself and take everything as fun. If u become more serious, you will have more pressure on your mind. and more pressure means more negative thoughts.

So, thoughts are welcome but from now, no more negative thoughts. Stay happy.