From the Principal’s Desk

Mr. Swarnabha Saxena

Principal, Holy Rock School

Watching the changing society’s needs, our school aims to bring out well groomed citizens. A healthy teacher-student ratio is the key to shaping good citizens. Besides, there are many activities throughout the year such as sports, inter-school competitions, intra school activities to develop a good personality and to provide them with the early skill to become lifelong learners.

We ask our students to have perseverance- it is the fuel of life. It helps them to get through every moment. We encourage our students to have determination, confidence and planning.

With firmness, courage and positive thoughts they will be able to overcome all sorts of obstacles in their life.

Planning is the most importent aspect of preparations. We all should plan our work schedules. Unless there is a constructive plan of managing the time, these will be utter confusion and delay. Always be optimistic. Replace all negative thoughts with positive thoughts and you will realize  a wonderful feeling of happiness and a new enthusiasm. Just rekindle your life with hope and sunshine. May God bless you all…..