20th January 2022: A significant day in the history of our institution..
It is a day that marks the completion of a splendid journey of forty years. Withstanding forty summers, enduring forty winters and being propelled by the ebb and flow of time the institution has continued its onward march to progress remaining firmly rooted to its principles and commitments through its incessant contribution in shaping young minds and preparing them to be the worthy torch bearers of tomorrow.
This is a day to honour our Founder Rector Late Mr. S. K. Saxena and our Founder Principal Ms Aparajita Saxena and Founder Administrative Officer Mr. Aniruddha Saxena and recognise and respect their painstaking endeavours to transform their dreams into reality.

They have painted the blank canvas of thousands of children’s minds with vivid colours. They are a confluence of progressive thoughts and ideas that ignite the mind and the soul. This is a day of celebration, a day of pride and glory. This is a day that reminds us of our mission and vision. This is a day to express our gratitude to all those who have always been a part of our journey. We thank all our esteemed parents, guardians and our beloved students for being with us. Together we can scale great heights. We hope to traverse miles with your kind cooperation and support. It is not difficult to illuminate the dark if we work together and have faith in each other…!