What is Computer?


COMPUTER is an electronic device which is made up of HARDWARES and SOFTWARES. Hardware part describes the physical functionality of computer and Software parts helps to control the Hardware, and run the OPERATING SYSTEM, etc. In another way, [...]

What is Computer?2022-01-01T09:08:36+05:30

Cells and Virus


Cells: Cells can be called a basic building block of the body or living things. Cells can be divided into two parts. One is PROKARYOTES and one is EUKARYOTES. A EUKARYOTIC cell has a nucleus and membrane-bound organelles, [...]

Cells and Virus2022-01-01T09:07:35+05:30

What is Matter :


Matter makes up all the things in the universe. It occupies space & has mass.Matter is made up of tiny particles called atoms.Usually,an atom does not exist independently.Therefore,atoms combine to form molecules.The atoms or molecules are tightly packed [...]

What is Matter :2021-12-01T21:36:06+05:30
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