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What is X-Ray


Similar to visible light, X-rays are a form of electromagnetic radiation. But x-rays have higher energy and can pass through most objects (also the human body). Images of tissues and structures inside the body are generated in medical [...]

What is X-Ray2021-10-27T13:27:46+05:30

What is Photosynthesis


Plants, algae and certain bacteria use photosynthesis to harness the energy of the Sun and use that to make chemical energy. Types of photosynthesis photosynthetic processes are of two types: oxygenic and anoxygenic. The general idea [...]

What is Photosynthesis2021-10-25T16:08:17+05:30

Tricks of vedic mathematics


I hope you already gather some knowledge about Vedic mathematics from the previous blog. If you haven't read that blog kindly check out addition-tricks-using-vedic-mathematics  to know what is Vedic mathematics, its history and why its useful to us. [...]

Tricks of vedic mathematics2020-11-19T18:22:49+05:30
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